How Does Nook Work: A step-by-step guide

Jan 3, 2023

Managing money with your partner can be tough. You go out for dinners, drinks, movies, trips, there’s groceries and bills to pay and yet, in a time when relationships are built on equal contribution - the only way to share expenses is by taking turns, using expense trackers, or opening an old fashioned joint account…ugh. 

You make it work, but making it work is HARD work.

Why not let Nook handle it?

What is Nook?

Nook is a financial technology company that allows you and your partner to easily share expenses, save together and manage combined finances.

How does Nook work?

When you and your partner create a Nook account, you both will get a wallet with your own balance and a prepaid card each. When you use either one of your Nook cards to pay for a joint expense, we'll automatically share the expense between the two of you based on your set split ratio on the app.

Let's say you and your partner have $50 each in your wallets with a split ratio of 50:50.

The total amount you can spend is $100.

If your partner uses their card to pay $80 at a restaurant, we'll automatically deduct $40 from both wallets to pay the bill.

You don't have to take turns next time or send money across.

How to set up a Nook account with my partner?

Lets take a look at how to get started with Nook:

  1. Create an account on the Nook app for free, by registering with your mobile number

  2. Invite your partner by entering their mobile number. Once your partner creates their account, you can see their card next to yours on the Home tab

  3. Set your split ratio. (By default this is set to 50:50)

How to set up my Nook card?

Once you set up your account successfully, you will be issued a personal Nook card that can be viewed on the Home tab. Clicking on your card will allow you to see your Current Balance, Card Number, CVV and Expiry Date.

  1. Copy your card number by clicking the Copy Card Number button

  2. Add your card to Apple or Google Pay using your card details

  3. Verify your card by keying in the OTP (You will see #2936 as the number. This is our routing number in Singapore, however you will receive your OTP on your registered mobile number)

  4. Your can now pay with your card anywhere

What if my partner does not have enough balance to split a transaction?

As long as your combined balance can pay for the transaction, the payment will be successful.

In case your partner does not have enough balance to fulfil the split ratio, we will deduct the excess amount from you and reflect a negative amount on your partner's balance. When they top up their wallet, we will transfer the pending amount to you and fulfil the split ratio.

Can I change the split of a particular purchase?

Yes! Successful purchases can be found under:

1. Spends in the Home tab  

2. Transactions tab

When you click on any purchase, a popup will appear with a slider. You can move the slider OR click on the prompts (100% by You, 50:50, 100% by your partner) to change the split of a particular purchase.


We are on a mission to make it easy for modern couples to manage their combined finances. If you're in a relationship and are looking for an easy-peasy way to manage your finances, get the Nook app here.

We'd also love to hear from you and make it even easier to use Nook. If you have any queries or would like to provide feedback, please reach out to us