Quiz: Would You Rather? Couple's Edition

Jan 13, 2023

Here's a quick game on you and your partner's worldview of finance to spice up your mid-week evening- no, don't run away just yet!

We're not talking tax forms and spreadsheets here. Instead, we're talking about an innocent game of 'Would You Rather', when it comes to finances.

a. Would you rather... share your credit card with me or share your IG password?

b. Dare... make coffee at home and save money all of next week or watch 1 episode of a TV show of my choice?

c. If we won a million dollars... what's the first thing you would want us to buy?

d. Would you rather... save for our dream vacation or invest in renovating our home?

e. Would you rather... have joint bank accounts or keep our finances separate?

f. If we had to tighten our budget... what's the one luxury you'd find hardest to give up?