Save together with Vaults

Feb 13, 2023

Create a Vault to save towards common goals - be it that vacation, renovation, a new fridge, expensive date or even for a rainy day.

Saving is hard. Saving together with your partner is even harder. We know this and have personally faced this issue, so we built Vaults.

With Vaults, you can give every dollar a job so that it's not wasted. Name your goal, set a desired goal amount and both you and your partner can deposit money towards it whenever you like. Money deposited in Vaults can't be spent with your Nook card.

When you reach your goal amount, you can close & withdraw the money into your Nook wallet.

How to create a Vault?

  • Click Vaults on the home tab

  • Select your Vault purpose, name it and set a goal amount

  • Click on your newly created Vault to deposit money